Welcome to the world of Evaine ni MacGreger
1349 - present

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My scroll was originally created in the East Kingdom by Dresden Pennello di Quadro Voce and was presented to me when I received my AoA in A.S. XXXIII. When my Arms were passed in A.S. XXXVII Richard of Aldertree and Siobhan of Cloverdale worked together to fill in the blazon and the device.

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Kingdom of Atlantia
Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Buckston on Eno

I was born into a well-known family. I was the third daughter, and the fifth child of a man known to most as MacGreger. MacGreger was the son of the closest thing we had to a hero in our glenn. My grandfa Greger, none could best him at any sport. He was as brave and strong as a dozen men, and he had been killed for standing up to a thief.

My Grandfa had been the first man to stand up to the Campbell's since they'd begun stealing our livestock almost two years before. The Campbell's felt they owned the glen and everything in it. But our family, and most of the families there had been living in Glen Orchy for as long as anyone could remember, and the Campbell's had only come after the English had said they could. They had found that they had to work for a living, and decided it would be easier to steal from us than to learn an honest trade. After two years of watching our stock disappear, and seeing the women stalked, and the children afraid to go into the woods, my grandfa decided he'd seen enough and confronted Richard Campbell in his own yard.

Campbell didn't even let him speak, he called down his guard and had my grandfa beaten. That was a mistake, as Richard Campbell, and his entire clan soon learned. All the families rose up together, we fought the Campbell's and tried to run them back to their English nursemaids, but twas in vain. Even after we'd won battle after battle, the Campbell's were too many, and my grandfa was still gone, but no one here will ever forget what he did for us.

I've been told that story so often I can almost remember it happening, I can't really, I wasn't even born when it did, but I can almost see my grandfa riding up to Campbell's gates and yelling at him to come down to speak with him.

My da was a good man, but he never matched the presence or the purpose my grandfa had, so for his entire life, he was always known as mac Greger. Even now, all the children in my family are known as the sons and daughters of Greger, so he'll never be forgotten.

I grew up knowing that I came from good stock, and I would do something to make my grandfa proud.
I came across the sea to a wonderful new world. Iíve met new people, and am being taught new skills. Iím learning how to cook, how to embroider, Iíve learned to go into battle with a crossbow or javelins, and I'm learning how to use a sword. This land has so many different people who know so many different things that itíll take me a lifetime to take it all in.

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