Charlotte has been living in her current house for a few years now, and this house was equiped with only a stand up shower. Now, as our Charlotte is a bathtub kind of girl, this was a crime against man. Sadly, there isn't much you can do about it, right?

Wrong! Our Miss Charlotte found an amazing bathtub which retails for around $700, on eBay...for a buck. You read it right folks, $1 - Plus shipping. Well, she didn't believe she'd win the auction...but just in case she called me and said "So, if I got a bathtub, you'd put it in for me right?" I of course agreed, assuming she could get permission from her landlords. Well, she won the auction, and got the permission, and the construction began.

We found out from the landlords that there were no load bearing walls in the place, big win there. So we started by tearing out the plastic shower surround, pulling out the base, and tearing through the back of the closet. We discovered that the original shower drain was basically a hole in the floor, there is a pipe, but it was laid, and then the concrete was poured over it - meaning that pipe wasn't coming out. It also meant that we were sticking with the method that the shower had used to connect to the drain - pop a pipe into it and use gravity. I figure if it worked for however many years the shower was in there, it would work for the tub. We also checked with a couple of plumbing types, and they agreed. Yay!

We then put in a shelf around the top part of the tub, put waterproof drywall over the walls, and boxed in the entire area.
For those of you who don't believe Charlotte can handle tools - we have photographic evidence...she really did help :-)

We then primed everything...many times...until we could no longer see any traces of turquoise through the paint...then we primed one last time.

I had found at the yard sale from my parents' condo a box of really nice blue and grey/silver tiles. Charlotte fell in love with them, so we decided to use their color to finish the bathroom. That was harder than you might think. After many unsuccessfull and frustrating trips to Home Depot, Charlotte convinced me to go to Sherman Williams. I hit their store at 6 o'clock the next morning, and explained to the gentleman there that not only was I trying to match this really hard color, but if possible I needed the paint today, since Charlotte's parents were coming to visit that weekend, and we were hoping to have it all done.

The people there were fantastic. Not only were they able to match the blue perfectly, they got it done in just a few hours. I have no idea what goes into paint matching, but to give you an idea - the tiles were most definitely blue, except when you put them next to paint chips, the ones that matched were purple. The paint the ended up mixing for us is actually designed for automotive work, it's purple when the light is directly on it, or when the paint is thin, but other than that it is the most amazing deep blue you've seen in a while. Anyway, on with the story...and the pictures. Charlotte had also fallen in love with "the one true lamp" which was a blue and clear striped very simple hanging light. Of course a hanging light requires a ceiling to hang it from - and since I was going to be putting in a false ceiling anyway, we installed a fan. With a few false starts waiting for the lamp to be delivered, we still managed to get everything done, and it's beautiful, if I do say so myself.