Hockey Training Videos

These are some of the betters ones we've run across, if you have suggestions for others, please point them out!
(by "better" I mean, no excessive use of unexplained hockey terms and clarity on why you should do X thing) (YouTube playlist is updated as we run across new ones)

I strongly suggest you watch them in order. Don't worry if something doesn't make sense yet. Focus on 1 thing per game, if you try to focus on 3 you'll frustrate yourself!

Training articles (not videos):

Five Breakout Plays Every Hockey Player Should Know (Dotted lines are passing, regular lines are skating without the puck, funky lines are skating with the puck)

How do line changes happen? And why do they sometimes go wrong? - by Justin Bourne via The Athletic (downloadable .pdf)

Wheel Reverse Defensive Zone Face-Off (This one has the RD/LD switching in this version, so ignore that part)

Faceoffs: Defensive Zone (Another version of the Defensive breakout (that includes the important Reverse or Wheel getting yelled.) You can ignore the "wheel" diagram parts - we are not there yet. But THIS Is the LD and RD where I expect them. And again - the why for D to start at the outside hash? Because then you are always skating toward the puck)

I also strongly suggest everyone go through Maria Mountain's free (yes really) Butterfly Challenge.

It's targeted at goalies, but it's an amazing routine to loosen your hips and that's good at every position!

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