Here you will find some links I use, enjoy!

Places to do Good
- if you don't know, it's a site that allows you to donate to worthy causes, and corporations supply the money.

Places to earn rewards
Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards! - Points for visiting sites/trying software/taking surveys/etc.

Places I've patronized
Furlong Vision Center - LASIX eye surgery. I got my surgery there, and am still incredibly happy :-)
eBay - I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've had great success with it.
PayPal - Basically a way for the average Joe to be able to take online payments.

Places to get information - vacations, and cool images
Facebook - this is also a great place to waste time!
Live Journal - more of a blog site, but still a time suck.

Places to organize
Enter a long URL to make tiny:
- Make a short URL out of the average 200 digit ones that you get from online catalogs, maps, searches, etc.

Tiny Arrows - Just in case TinyURLs are just too big to deal with!
Birthday Alarm - Store all your friends birthdays and anniversaries online, BA will send you an email reminder just before the event...magically become that friend who never forgets!!
Amazon's Universal Wishlist - Everyone knows how cool the Amazon Wish List function is...but wouldn't it be wonderful if you could add stuff to that list off websites that don't sell through Amazon? Now you can.

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