Chad and I are currently kept by a sweet and noisy boy named Pirate and a little girl named Sasha.

Pirate was one of the smallest cats we ever had, and then we adopted Sasha!

Sasha Kitsune Lilac Point Siamese (mix?). Estimated birth date: 2013. Adopted 2015. Sasha had been in the shelter far too long, including being moved from one to another - I have to presume because of her boxer's ear. She is incredibly friendly!

Pirate B/W Domestic Short Hair. Estimated birthdate: July 15, 2009. Adopted September 1, 2009. Pirate was actually picked out on August 29th, but he had just been put out on the floor, and hadn't yet been fixed. We tracking most of Pirate's first year in a 365 project, feel free to enjoy.

Kittens we've lost, but will always love:

Bastian Flame Point Siamese (mix?) August 30, 2002 - April 1, 2014
Sampson Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Norwegian Forest Cat (mix?) 1995 - 2008
Bandit B/W Domestic shorthair. 199? - 2007

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