Wish List

I've decided I really don't need much more stuff in my life...so you may notice a distinct lack of physical object type things below, hopefully that doesn't mess anybody up too much.

These are the big things, but maybe a bunch of you could get together...:-)

In my 40th year, I want to get my first tattoo. I decided on the design about a decade ago, and have found the artist who I think can bring it to life. Once I have design drawings I'll post them here. Sadly, being mostly unemployed this year means I haven't started saving towards the cost...
I'm hoping you can make a donation towards the cost of my tattoo! to go! :-)*
Tesla Motors has introduced their sedan the Model S. It's only half the price of the roadster!...yeah, yeah, I know. Keep dreaming.

As you may know I am returning to hockey. I have most of what I need, but a good pair of goalie skates are still definitely on the list. HockeyX carries them: Graf Supra G4500 Jr. Goal Skates in a Size 5.5.

I love the patterns, and colours, and funky ones...but pretty much any style that is:
Not wool
Will fit my 7.5 foot
Will fit my 21" thigh (If they're long)
I've been using Flickr to store online photos, and I've love to have a Pro Account so all my photos will show :-)

Spa days (massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, that type thing)

Nights at a Bed & Breakfast or other night-out types of things

Also worth mentioning are CDs - I'd love to have new ones, but only in MP3 format. We've reduced our rather large collection to a really compact hard drive (Amazon will let you purchase downloadables for other people.)

For other random stuff check Chad's Amazon list or mine.

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